We Salute You Puan Hakim !!

The charge against DSAI – That you, on June 26, 2008 between 3.01 pm and 4.30 pm at Unit 11-5-1 Desa Damansara Condominium, No 99 Jalan Setiakasih, Bukit Damansara in The Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, intentionally had carnal intercourse against the order of nature with Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan where you inserted your penis into his anus, and therefore you had committed a crime which can be punishable under section 377B of the Penal Code.

Petikan di bawah diambil dari http://www.malaysianinsider.com

Judge Komathy, in making her decision, said: “It is an elementary principle in the criminal justice process that a man is innocent until proven guilty. I do not think there is any likelihood that Datuk Seri will abscond. I’m going to release him on a personal bond for the sum of RM20,000 without surety.”

Keputusan yang dibuat oleh Puan Hakim S.M. Komathy Suppiah seperti petikan di atas amatlah dialu-alukan dan keberanian yang ditunjukkan oleh beliau amatlah dikagumi. Terima kasih Puan Hakim !!

Pengarang: Shamsul Iskandar

Ahli Parlimen Bukit Katil, Melaka Ketua Angkatan Muda KEADILAN (AMK), Parti KEADILAN Rakyat (PKR) Pengerusi KEADILAN Majlis Pimpinan Negeri Melaka Peguam, Yusof Rahmat & co, Ketua KeADILan Cabang Jasin, Melaka

31 thoughts on “We Salute You Puan Hakim !!”

  1. apakah ini petanda bahawa institusi kehakiman kita berada pada satu landasan keadilan dan kebenaran yang jitu? kita doakan semoga DSAI memimpin negara ini, bukan atas kepentingan politik tetapi demi MALAYSIA!

  2. Sebenarnya memang terdapat ramai pegawai-pegawai kehakiman dan hakim-hakim yang sentiasa berjalan diatas landasan adil dan saksama tetapi mereka merupakan silent majority yang tidak diberi peluang untuk bersuara oleh boss-boss mereka diatas dasar melanggar perintah am dan etika kehakiman . Percayalah bahawa kebenaran tetap akan timbul meskipun ditekan dengan begitu hebat sekali .

  3. Puan Hakim,
    You made my day….and for many others too. Our hope to see the light at the end of tunnel can still become a reality, thanks to your professionalism.

  4. This is indeed a good sign of things to come. Let your conscience be your guide Puan Hakim. Don’t emulate that “Not relevant” style of Augustine Paul in the sham trial a decade ago. We know you’ll not bow under pressure from these desperados intent on holding onto power at whatever the cost.

  5. Puan Hakim Komathy Suppiah,

    I can see COURAGE in your heart!
    I can see COMPASSION in your soul (when you asked DSAI if Sunday is your Birthday)

    I just prayed to God to bless you and your family in abundance.


    I really am extremely proud that Malaysia has such a citizen like you!

  6. Puan Hakim SM Komathy.
    You are the great judge…Malaysia respect u forever..

    We need this basic principle judge…and those in there…we want to see judiciary Reform.

    Dear Dato Zaid Ibrahim…we urge u comand this judiciary reform as promised!

  7. It’s great to have an independent judgement, however we still fear of some gimmik again as we already lost our hope on all the enforcement units which should prevail the rights of M’sian as whole. Could AAB will this time play’s some smart game as TDM? Only time will tell , let’s hope for the best and God is great.

  8. Puan Hakim,

    I went into the net and drastically trying to see your face
    which have shine malaysia again. No clouds over DSAI.
    God bless you.

  9. Let justice prevail.
    This is a very good start made by Puan Komapathy Suppiah.
    I know justice will prevail and DSAI will be vindicated in the end.
    Let the results on the 26th August come and they will come with DSAI ‘s entry into parliment , with a greater majority

  10. Puan Komathy, you are great, God is great and will bless your family always

    To hell with the blood suckers!

  11. cheers madam!!! we the rakyat always count on the integrity of the judiciary body.
    There should be no case against DSAi because the leaked medical report is a prrof that he is innocent. Even the doctor who attended for Saiful.s examination already made a statutory declaration that stand by his findings.
    So no case against ANwar.

    terjemahan dalam BM boleh didapati di http://triviarama.blogspot.com

  12. Puan Hakim,
    May God bless u and family always.today u made so many raayat local and abroad comes back with hope.the whole world celebrates with u,Puan.

  13. Thank you, Puan Hakim. If you’re fired, the world is so large to accomodate a soul like you. If fear of career is in your heart, then you should go for private practise. But if you act on justice, the world will remember you forever. I pray for your safety. Be brave, o wise one. We want to know the truth, nothing but the truth.

  14. Madame Justice,

    Bravo for being in the circle of influence. You are in a position to bring positive transformation to the nation. Your decision is wise. It shows that you have chosen to fly with eagles, and not turkeys.

  15. Today Malaysia is proud that there is at least one erudite judge among the so called judges who is willing to deliver judgements without fear or favour. God bless you and the futur eof Malaysia.

  16. Yes indeed,,

    You and your family will be bless for your courage and being just.

    With fear and favour, this is what should be expected from the judiciary system, Hope this will be a good example for other lawyer to follow suit

  17. Puan Hakim Komathy Suppiah,

    All of us good Malaysians please pray hard that Puan Hakim does not also disappear!
    And…I mean it.

    God will protect and bless you always

    Puan Hakim, I actually shed a tear of happiness and hope when I wrote this.

    We love U

  18. Puan Hakim Komathy Suppiah, you are really great. We all malaysian salute you and may GOD bless you & your family.

  19. The AG Gani Patail and IGP Musa must be fuming mad with the independence of he
    session court judge.I will not be surprised that she will be replaced to hear the case
    midway as in the case with Altantuya Saribbu.

  20. why always use an Indian when you wanna disgrace ur own Malay Muslim brother…….no muslim judges out there who can do the dirty work for you……

    Jude Periera
    Augustine Paul
    Komathy Suppiah

    UMNO Pariah negara

  21. Puan Hakim,

    You enlighten 23 millions Malaysians live. Standing ovation for you. May god bless you and your family.


  22. Would Hakim Komathy change her FAIR judgement next round? ….after harrasement from the invisible powerful people… just like PI Subra appeared to be obviously disturbed overnite.

  23. Terima kasih Puan Hakim
    Diatas kebijaksanaan menjalankan tanggungjawab untuk rakyat.
    Semuga Tuhan merestui Puan Hakim yang arif lagi bijaksana.
    May God bless you and your family.

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