Kenyataan Media: Perjanjian Pertukaran Tahanan Hamas

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM)

15 Oktober 2011


In light of the latest news about HAMAS and “Israel” reaching a prisoner swap deal, which entails releasing 1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the Israeli soldier captured in 2006 in Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM) would like to congratulate the Palestinian prisoners, their families and the Palestinian people for this great national achievement.

The prisoner swap deal will result in releasing 1027 Palestinian prisoners of whom 27 are women (the total number of detained Palestinian women is 27), 315 are serving life sentences, as well as hundreds of other prisoners who have spent many years in Israeli prisons.

This great national achievement requires us to thank the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS), the other Palestinian Resistance factions involved in this deal, as well as the Palestinian people who have been patient and steadfast in resisting the numerous Israeli attempts to free the Israeli soldier without paying a price. We also thank all parties involved in facilitating this deal which witnessed over 120 rounds of negotiations that ended in the Palestinian Resistance imposing over 90% of their terms on the Zionists successfully.

This great achievement, however, comes in a time where many of the remaining 5000 Palestinian prisoners are undergoing a hunger-strike in the Israeli jails. Therefore, we call upon the International Community, governmental and non-governmental bodies to keep the issue of these prisoners as a top priority on their agendas. We also call the Malaysian government to continue its leading role in condemning Israeli crimes and repression of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM)
15th October 2011
17th Dhul Qe’dah 1432 H

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