Mahathir lah Yang ingin Meminjam Dari Bank Dunia – DSAI

Beranikah Dr. Mahathir menafikan kenyataan ini selepas bertahun-tahun tuduhan dan fitnah dilempar kepada DS Anwar Irabhim?

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16 Disember 2011

Anwar: Mahathir asked World Bank for aid

Opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim yesterday made a startling allegation against Dr Mahathir Mohammad, claiming that the former prime minister had written to the World Bank for funds during the financial crisis in 1999.

In an effort to clear the “US agent” label against him by Umno and Mahathir, Anwar told a dinner attended by foreign ambassadors that in 1993, he had written to the World Bank in his capacity as finance minister to reject financial assistance.

“Of course, I had to chair the development committee of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank. For that I was portrayed as American agent, but the fact remains it was me in 1993 who wrote to the World Bank to say we are not requiring your fund.

“In 1999, the then prime minister Mahathir wrote to the president of World Bank appealing for funds and (to) borrow from World Bank,” he claimed.

The dinner was organised by the Selangor state government where Anwar (picture left) delivered a speech entitled ‘Debunking ETP: Widening Income Gap’ to some 150 guests including foreign ambassadors, economists, academicians, MPs, party leaders and journalists.

Wasn’t that a paradox?

Anwar, who is also the Selangor economic advisor, was asked whether Malaysia is prepared to brace itself against the Eurozone crisis, but he digressed from the question and recounted the difference between him and Mahathir during the crisis.

The PKR de facto leader said he was unaware of Mahathir’s action as he was jailed in 1999, and only discovered it during his consultancy work for the World Bank after he was freed.

“Wasn’t that a paradox? Anwar who was accused as dependant of the World Bank decided to stop borrowing from the World Bank, but the guy who was anti-IMF and World Bank wrote quietly asking for funds,” he said.

Anwar was the finance minister from 1993 to 1998 under Mahathir’s administration. Their mentor-protege relationship collapsed during the 1997 Asian financial crisis leading to the sacking of Anwar.

He was then found guilty of sodomy and power abuse which landed him behind the bars for five years until 2004.

Mahathir, who has been portraying himself as an anti-western imperialism leader, accused Anwar of selling out the country by accepting the austerity package prescribed by IMF.


Pengarang: Shamsul Iskandar

YB Datuk Seri Shamsul Iskandar @ Yusre bin Mohd. Akin Ahli Parlimen Hang Tuah Jaya (Dikenali Parlimen Bukit Katil sebelum ini) (2013-kini) Mantan Timbalan Menteri Industri Utama (2018-2020) Ketua Penerangan KEADILAN Malaysia (2018-kini) Mantan Naib Presiden KEADILAN (2014-2018) Mantan Ketua Angkatan Muda KEADILAN (2007-2014)

2 thoughts on “Mahathir lah Yang ingin Meminjam Dari Bank Dunia – DSAI”

  1. Dear Readers,

    More funds will be borrowed from many sources come 2012 onward. It won’t be surprised if the western powers were to dictate our economy in the very near future. We have to open up and liberalise everything from banking sectors to foreign purchased of our GLCs. Everything is up for sale for the highest bidder?

    We can’t depend on the oil money to run the country which is a very risky route to take and the consequences of oil price dropping at the world stage cannot be discounted, even though many predicted otherwise.

    However, we have many other funds available – EPF – which is currently use by UMNO to make some malays happy for a very short period of time. Interestingly, the Zakat money – which has never been audited and nobody will ever knows where, what and how that money is spent? I challenge Selangor State Government to audit the fund and make known to the public of its outcome? This will be considered a bright move and a good weapon for PR government to expose the wrong doings involving religious funds.

    TDM does not walk his talk, only wagg his tail in between his leg and walk on as if nothing is wrong with his doing or else put the blame on to others. He has been doing it for the past 22 years since nobody dares to challenge his authority. Based on simple logic ‘two doctors’ will produce brilliant off springs but not the case of TDM’s family. I can see only one bright star there and others have to be given the silver and golden spoon in order to enjoy basic living. This is the work of the Almighty for He knows best why this is the course given to TDM and his family.

    Based on all available economic data, Malaysia will be heading into troubled water sooner than expected and the Rakyat will be heavily taxed in the years to come in order for the country to have its engine running. The level of corruption adopted by our leaders in the years to come (assume UMNO retains power comes GE13) will wreck havoc where spending on military hardware and servicing military equipment need no approval from anybody, not even parliment.
    but PM?

    The rakyat will have to pay heavily for all the wrong doing of the corrupt leaders. The question is how long can Malaysians tolerate and will Arab Spring takes place sooner than later. The question will be answered by you and me and none others, for we have our fate and destiny to decide. May 13th will not be repeated, it will be Malaysian 13th, as spring cleaning is necessary in order for us to break free from this corrupt regime. To win election the playing field must be even, then a real genuine outcome can be predicted and expected.

    The power broker now is in the hands of the Malays and the Indonesians. The Chinese had already decided on their votes., the marginal Indians votes are less crucial, after all they are the very indecisive lots, and they have themselves to be blamed, Luckily Hindrat has done a wake-up call and that is not supported by the majority. Many believe in MIC they party that has made them the ‘slaves’ of the nations. I have question in my previous writings to why ” the Indians were not allowed to participate in Felda Schemes – after all they have all the basic tools to make it a big success and even yield better production”. My brother Indians please ask yourself why the above did not take place?

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