Najib must appear in French court or else…

Dari Free Malaysia Today

22 Mei 2012

Najib must appear in French court or else…

KUCHING: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak will be subpoenaed to appear before the French court to give evidence in a corruption case involved in the purchase of the Scorpene submarines.

According to Suaram lawyer, Fadiah Nadwa Fikri, who recently returned from France where they met the judge who is going to preside the hearing of the corruption case in which RM500 million was allegedly paid as commission to Perimekar, the French court has the power to subpoena Najib to testify.

A subpoena will be also issued to Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi and Abdul Razak Baginda to appear before the French court, she said.

Perimekar was at the time wholly owned by Razak and his wife Mazalinda.

“When we met the judge on March 16, 2012 we supplied the list of witnesses who are to be subpoenaed to give evidence before the court.

“We gave him the names of Najib Tun Razak, Zahid Hamidi and Razak Baginda,” Fadiah said to the applause of more than 2,000 at a “ceramah” at the Third Mile Bazaar, Kuching, on Sunday night.

When the case was filed in court in France two years ago, Zahid said that he could go to France to give statement and would give his cooperation.

But lately he said that he did not want to go due to lack of funds and asked who would pay for his flight and his stay in France.

According to Fadiah, Malaysians are prepared to pay for his flight and stay in France as long as he is prepared to give evidence.

“Why should you be afraid if you have nothing to hide?” she asked.

‘Najib can be arrested’

Fadiah said that in this corruption case the French court has the power to hand over subpoena to the witnesses and to ask them to be present at the court to give evidence.

“If they fail to attend the subpoena that has been issued by the French court, they will be given notice again to be present to give statement.

“Again if they fail to be present, the French court will issue a warrant of arrest to force them to be present and give statements and to prove the truth that we are seeking for.

“And if they fail again, Interpol (International Police) can issue an alert and they can be arrested and dragged to the French court,” she said.

The delegation also met their French lawyers who showed them 153 documents which the French police had complied after two years of investigations.

“Those documents shown to us are enough evidence to show the government of Malaysia was involved in the payment of illegal commission that was received by Perimekar,” she alleged.

“When we looked into the evidence we found out so many payments have been made and this corruption case is much bigger than what we have thought,” she said, including the US$1 billion (RM3 billion) to be paid as conditions before the discussions on the purchase of the submarines could take place.

Fadiah said that they had to go to France to open the case to seek the truth as the courts in Malaysia are not independent as they (the courts) are used by the government as tools and the people have no voice to demand for truth.

“We cannot get justice and fairness because the government is so much involved in corruption and also because of the Official Secrets Act.

“But this is our money, the people’s money. We want to know how is our money spent.

“How much is being used? How much is the corrupted money going into the pockets of ministers and their cronies?” she asked, calling on the people to stand up and be with them.

“Let us find the truth and the truth will be out soon.

“Let us pray that the subpoena will be issued soon so that they can be dragged to court to give their statements,” she said.

— Free Malaysia Today

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One thought on “Najib must appear in French court or else…”

  1. “Lack of funds” so says Zahid – must be pulling hair thinking of how to pay for flight/hotel and ticket to cabaret – coming across like a poor church mouse but tell you what Zahid, at the rate you are going, you have a bright future “bikin LAWAK” as we are all laughing at you – “lack of funds” but no matter what happens post GE 13th, you and Najib and Razak Baginda will have your day in Paris – just a matter of time before Altantuya’s name is mentioned.

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