Negara Palestin Diikhtiraf UNESCO

Dari The Edge Malaysia

1 November 2011

UNESCO grants Palestinians full membership

PARIS (Oct 31): The United Nations’ cultural agency granted the Palestinians full membership on Monday, a step forward in their long-running efforts to achieve recognition before the world as an independent state.

The United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) became the first U.N. agency to welcome the Palestinians as a full member since President Mahmoud Abbas applied for full membership of the United Nations on September 23.

A huge cheer erupted in UNESCO’s General Assembly after the vote, which marks a symbolic victory for Palestinians in the complex diplomacy that surrounds their collective status and relations with foreign powers.

“Today’s victory at UNESCO is the beginning of a road that is difficult, but will lead to the freedom of our land and people from occupation,” Palestinian Foreign Minister Riad Malki said. “Palestine has the right to a place on the map.”

Israel called the vote a “tragedy” and the decision damaged relations between UNESCO and the United States, an ally of Israel that provides about 22 percent of the body’s funding, or some $70 million.

Legislation stipulates that the U.S. can cut off funding to any United Nations agency that accepts Palestinians as a member.

The White House said the vote was “premature” and would not aid peace and the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations said UNESCO would suffer.

“Today’s vote to grant Palestinian membership in UNESCO is no substitute for direct negotiations, but it is deeply damaging to UNESCO,” said Ambassador Susan Rice.

UNESCO director-general Irina Bokova, who previously pleaded for Washington not to withdraw support, told delegates funding may be jeopardized.

“I believe it is the responsibility of all of us to make sure that UNESCO does not suffer unduly… We need each and every member of this organization to be fully engaged,” she added.


The Palestinians got backing from two thirds of UNESCO’s members to become its 195th member. Of 173 countries that voted from a possible 185, 107 voted in favor, 14 voted against, 52 abstained and 12 were absent. Abstentions did not count toward the final tally.

The Palestinians went to UNESCO after making a bid for recognition of the over-arching United Nations system in September before the U.N. Security Council, which has moved the issue to a committee where it is likely to run into a veto from the United States.

“This vote is not directed against anyone, but represents support for freedom and justice,” Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said in a statement to the official news agency WAFA.

“This vote is for the sake of peace and represents international consensus on support for the legitimate Palestinian national rights of our people, the foremost of which is the establishment of its independent state.”

But the breakdown of the vote reflected deep divergences in international views on Palestinian statehood.

The United States, Canada, Germany and Holland voted against Palestinian membership. Brazil, Russia, China, India, South Africa and France voted in favor. Britain and Italy abstained.

For the European Union, which has stumbled in recent efforts to develop a common foreign policy, the UNESCO vote highlighted persistent rifts with some member states voting for and some against Palestinian membership.

Austrian UNESCO ambassador Ursula Plassnik, whose country voted in favor, said she regretted that the EU had failed to arrive at a common position on Palestinian membership.

France, which previously abstained from a vote on the subject of Palestinian membership in UNESCO, broke with precedent to vote in favor on Monday.

“Since it has been raised today, we must assume our responsibilities and respond to the substance of the issue … On the substance, France says “yes”- Palestine has the right to become a member of UNESCO,” said Hubert de Canson, France’s representative at UNESCO.

Israel has said the Palestinian bid would amount to politicization of UNESCO that would undermine its ability to carry out its mandate. It said on Monday it would reconsider its cooperation with the agency.

“We regret that the organization of science has opted to adopt a resolution which is a resolution of science fiction,” said Nimrod Barkan, Israel’s ambassador to UNESCO, who called the move a tragedy for the agency. “There is no Palestinian state and therefore one should not have been admitted today.”

The Israeli foreign ministry said the vote placed unnecessary obstacles on the road to renewing negotiations.

“This is a unilateral Palestinian maneuver which will bring no change on the ground but further removes the possibility for a peace agreement,” it said in a statement. – Reuters

—The Edge Malaysia

Pendedahan KPRU: Skandal FBC – Puluh juta diguna untuk pulih imej buruk Najib

Dari Malaysiakini

28 Oktober 2011

Scandal-hit FBC Media now faces bankruptcy

London-based television content producer FactBased Communications (FBC Media), which recently produced programmes to spruce up the image of Malaysian politicians, is now facing bankruptcy, reported UK daily The Independent.

The daily reports that FBC Media and its parent company FBC Group’s affairs are now being sorted out by administrators Hillier Hopkins Corporate Recovery.

“At the end of the day, if there is money available for creditors that will be paid of by way of dividend,” administrator David Butler was reported as saying.

The daily reported Hillier Hopkins saying that the it is now trying to establish “the extent of the companies’ assets in order to maximise any potential return to the ex-employees and other creditors”.

The administrators added that the circumstance surrounding the insolvency will also be investigated.

The Independent’s media editor Ian Burrell also today reported that FBC’s offices near London’s Gray’s Inn Road has had its “carpets taken up”, while phones are left unanswered.

In a written reply to the Dewan Rakyat, Prime Minister Najib Abdul Razak said that the government paid FBC Media 19.6 million Euros (RM94 million) to FBC media for the duration of three years from 2007.

The payment was for “consultancy services, advice and management of a communication campaign”.

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Lim Guan Eng Ketuai Delegasi Ke Filipina

Kenyataan Akhbar

27 Oktober 2011

Penang CM leading state delegation to Manila

The Penang Chief Minister YAB Lim Guan Eng is leading a state delegation to Manila, Philippines from 26th October till 28th October 2011. The purpose of the trip is to visit and study the successful story of the City of Manila which has been named the second top Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) destination in the Asia-Pacific region by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Philippines was also named as the ‘Off Shoring Destination of the Year‘ by the United Kingdom’s National Outsourcing Association. In the IDC report Manila was ranked second after Bangalore, India.

The Chief Minister’s visit will include meetings with main Shared Services & Outsourcing (SSO) players in the Philippines who are involved in contact centers, BPO services, data transcription, animation, engineering and software development. This investment trip is in line with the State’s objectives of having a BPO, SSO and Shared Information Outsourcing (SIO) hub for leading global SSO (BPO-KPO) companies to invest or expand their current operations in Penang.

While in Manila, the Chief Minister will meet up with the senior executives of Asian Development Bank (ADB) to discuss facilitation by the ADB on public and socio-economic projects undertaken in Penang; Alliance Global Group, Inc, and Manila Broadcasting Company. During this visit, the Chief Minister and delegation will also tour the Cyberpark sites.

The Chief Minister will be accompanied by YB Tuan Hj. Abdul Malik – State Executive Councilor of the Penang State Government ; YB Senator Tunku Abdul Aziz and YB Tuan Koay Teng Hai – Board Members of InvestPenang;Pn Hafidzah bt Hassan -Deputy Director Makro UPEN; Dato‘ Rosli Jaafar – General Manager of PDC ; Miss Loo Lee Lian – General Manager of InvestPenang; Mr. Ooi Kok Seng – KPMG Penang (Program coordinator); Ms Anna Ong – Senior Manager InvestPenang; Ms Lim Chiew Boey -Special Assistant to the Chief Minister and MissTun Qurratul Ain – Senior Executive InvestPenang.

Special Assistant to
Chief Minister of Penang

Gempa Bumi Turki: Lebih 200 Maut

Dari MalaysianInsider

24 Oktober 2011

Gempa Turki: Angka kematian lepasi 200, diramal terus naik

ISTANBUL, 24 Okt — Lebih 200 orang disahkan terbunuh dalam gempa bumi berukuran 7.2 yang memusnahkan bahagian barat Turki, kata Menteri Dalam Negeri Idris Naim Sahin hari ini.

Beliau yang menyelia operasi kecemasan di Ercis, salah satu bandar yang teruk dilanda gempa bumi, Idris berkata, seramai 117 orang disahkan maut di Ercis manakala 100 lagi terbunuh di Van.

Seramai 1,090 lagi dilaporkan cedera dalam gempa bumi yang melanda petang semalam, katanya.

Pegawai-pegawai mendakwa beratus-ratus orang masih belum dikesan.

Terdahulu, Perdana Menteri Tayyip Erdogan berkata sekurang-kurangnya 138 orang terbunuh dalam gempa bumi kuat yang menggegarkan Turki semalam, tetapi bilangan mereka yang terperangkap di bawah runtuhan bangunan di wilayah Van masih belum diketahui.

Tayyip melawat bandar Ercis menggunakan helikopter untuk melihat tahap kerosakan dan kemusnahan.

Sebalik sahaja kembali daripada tinjauan, Tayyip dalam satu kenyataan disiarkan menerusi televisyen berkata, sekurang-kurangnya 93 orang disahkan terbunuh di bandar Van dan 45 lagi di Ercis.

Tayyip menambah Turki berupaya untuk menangani malapetaka itu dan mengucapkan terima kasih kepada negara-negara yang hendak menghulurkan bantuan termasuk Israel dan Armenia, kerajaan yang mempunyai hubungan dingin dengan Ankara sejak kebelakangan ini. — Reuters


477 Tahanan Palestin Dibebaskan

Dari Malaysia Harmoni

19 OKTOBER 2011

477 tahanan Palestin dibebaskan

Daripada jumlah tahanan yang dibebaskan, majoriti berasal dari Gaza. 315 tahanan dijatuhi hukuman penjara seumur hidup. Pembebasan itu adalah gelombang pertama, yang pada tempoh tiga bulan berikutnya, lebih 900 lagi warga Palestin akan dibebaskan.

bebasSementara itu, seramai 1027 tahanan Palestin akan ditukar dengan pembebasan tentera Zionis, Gilad Shalit yang ditawan oleh Hamas sejak 2006.

Lebih seribu wakil media dari pelbagai agensi berkumpul di pusat pemeriksaan penjara Ofer berdekatan Ramallah, dengan harapan dapat menyambut para tahanan yang dibebaskan, namun mereka kecewa kerana tentera Zionis mengubah semula jadual pembebasan.

Harian Israel melaporkan bahawa tempat ketibaan tahanan berubah menjadi huru-hara apabila terdapat segelintir orang membakar tayar di depan penjara Ofer.

Dalam pada itu, sejumlah kenderaan tentera dan polis tiba dengan tentera Zionis berkumpul agak jauh dari pusat pemeriksaan. Ketika tentera mengatakan bahawa tahanan tidak akan tiba, kumpulan pemuda mula membaling batu ke arah pasukan Israel yang membalasnya dengan tembakan gas pemedih mata dan peluru getah. Dilaporkan bahawa seorang tertembak di kepalanya dengan peluru getah.

Sementara itu, di Mu’qata, Ramallah, para tahanan sampai dan bertemu dengan beribu-ribu orang yang berasak-asak menanti ketibaan mereka. Sebahagian daripada yang hadir itu adalah mereka yang ingin menyambut ahli keluarga dan rakan-rakan yang bebas dari penjara manakala yang lain datang untuk menunjukkan sokongan.

“Ini adalah hari yang sangat indah untuk warga Palestin di Tebing Barat dan Gaza,” ujar Osama, seorang pegawai kerajaan Pihak Berkuasa Palestin seperti yang dilaporkan Palestine Monitor.

Osama yang tinggal di Nablus bersyukur kerana Hamas dapat mencapai kemenangan ini bagi rakyat Palestin.

“Mereka melakukan sesuatu yang sangat baik.”

Perdana Menteri Israel, Netanyahu sebelum ini bersetuju untuk membebaskan lebih daripada 1000 tahanan Muslim untuk ditukar dengan pembebasan tenteranya, Koperal Gilad Shalit. Namun masih terdapat 6,600 warga Palestin lagi yang merengkok di penjara-penjara Israel. Sebahagian daripada mereka telah ditahan selama bertahun-tahun.

307 tahanan yang dibebaskan kelmarin adalah milik Hamas, 99 Fatah, 27 Jihad Islam dan 23 Barisan Popular untuk Pembebasan Palestin. Yang selebihnya adalah dari parti-parti kecil atau yang tidak terikat dengan mana-mana kumpulan.

—Malaysia Harmoni

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Kenyataan Media: Perjanjian Pertukaran Tahanan Hamas

بسم الله الرحمن الرحيم

The Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM)

15 Oktober 2011


In light of the latest news about HAMAS and “Israel” reaching a prisoner swap deal, which entails releasing 1027 Palestinian prisoners in exchange for the Israeli soldier captured in 2006 in Gaza Strip, the Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM) would like to congratulate the Palestinian prisoners, their families and the Palestinian people for this great national achievement.

The prisoner swap deal will result in releasing 1027 Palestinian prisoners of whom 27 are women (the total number of detained Palestinian women is 27), 315 are serving life sentences, as well as hundreds of other prisoners who have spent many years in Israeli prisons.

This great national achievement requires us to thank the Islamic Resistance Movement (HAMAS), the other Palestinian Resistance factions involved in this deal, as well as the Palestinian people who have been patient and steadfast in resisting the numerous Israeli attempts to free the Israeli soldier without paying a price. We also thank all parties involved in facilitating this deal which witnessed over 120 rounds of negotiations that ended in the Palestinian Resistance imposing over 90% of their terms on the Zionists successfully.

This great achievement, however, comes in a time where many of the remaining 5000 Palestinian prisoners are undergoing a hunger-strike in the Israeli jails. Therefore, we call upon the International Community, governmental and non-governmental bodies to keep the issue of these prisoners as a top priority on their agendas. We also call the Malaysian government to continue its leading role in condemning Israeli crimes and repression of the Palestinian people.

The Palestinian Cultural Organization Malaysia (PCOM)
15th October 2011
17th Dhul Qe’dah 1432 H

Kenyataan Rasmi Mengenai Rancangan Pembunuhan Duta Kerajaan Arab Saudi di Amerika Syarikat

Kenyataan Rasmi Mengenai Rancangan Pembunuhan Duta Kerajaan Arab Saudi di Amerika Syarikat

17 Oktober 2011


Malaysia is deeply concerned with the alleged assassination attempt on the Ambassador of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to the United States of America. We vehemently condemn any action to assassinate a diplomatic representative of a sovereign nation who is a protected person under International Law. The alleged attempt to assassinate the Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, if proven, must be strongly denounced by the international community as the act could further trigger serious confrontation and conflict in the Middle East.


17 October 2011

Kemboja Melarang Penghantaran Warganegara Bekerja di Malaysia, Kerajaan Patut Malu.


October 16th, 2011

Congratulations to Cambodia for the Ban; Shame on Malaysia for Enslaving Women & Children in Homes & Agencies

Bravo to Cambodia for answering the call of their conscience! We congratulate Prime Minister Hun Sen for making this positive decision as a way forward to ensuring safe migration for Cambodia’s citizens. The decision to ban Cambodians from working as domestic workers in Malaysia came in the wake of numerous reports of physical and sexual violence, mental torture and labour exploitation which placed Cambodian women in a trafficked situation.

Tenaganita is elated that the Cambodian government listened to the pleas of its citizens who were enslaved in homes and agencies in Malaysia. We acknowledge this critical move that is being made to stop the exploitation of its citizens by Malaysia and we call on all countries in the region to take heed that migrants are not for sale and there can be no compromise on the protection of their rights.

We applaud especially MP Mu Sochua from Cambodia, who played a critical role in driving this ban on domestic workers. The honorable MP exercised her duties as a lawmaker and representative of her people by visiting them in the shelters in Malaysia, listening to their voices and the statements by advocates, and most importantly – taking action to stop more women from being placed into this form of bonded labour.
Approximately one month to date, Tenaganita’s statement (“Malaysian Employers Continue to Act with Impunity In the Abuse, Torture & Ill-Treatment of Cambodian Domestic Workers”) showed that out of the 41 cases of domestic workers we had received from February to August 2011, ALL cases fit the definition of human trafficking, where 56% were physically abused, 36% deprived of food and more than 20% had been sexually abused. We then called the Cambodian government to immediately freeze the recruitment until institutional changes were implemented in Malaysia to safeguard the rights of all domestic workers in the country.

However the Malaysian government remains recalcitrant and arrogant in its behavior towards the protection of domestic workers. There is no legal institutional framework to protect the rights of domestic workers. There was an opportunity to recognize domestic workers as workers instead of domestic servants when amendments were made to the Employment Act. The government again failed to recognize domestic work as work, despite urgent calls by labour rights activists, the women’s movement and the Malaysian Bar to correct this critical flaw in our legislation. Malaysia continues to institutionalize slavery in the form of domestic work.

This astounding sign of arrogance by the administration, however, is not shocking. On the 6th of September, Director General of Labor, Datuk Sheikh Yahya Sheikh Mohamed, smugly stated the following in The Star newspaper: “We recruit maids from 11 other countries besides Indonesia. We are not desperate for maids. We can always hire from other countries if they don’t lift the ban”.

We hope therefore the 10 other countries who send their domestic workers to Malaysia go the way of Cambodia and slap us awake. It is well beyond the time for all of us – citizens and Government- of Malaysia to acknowledge some basic truths: 1. We have no right to enslave anyone. 2. We have no right to exploit the desperation brought on by poverty. 3. We do not own the labour of another person. 4. The Malaysian government is duty-bound to ensure no person, regardless of Immigration status, nationality, socio-economic status and gender, is in any form of slavery in this country. 5. The work done by domestic workers is not as a favour to us, but it is work and she must be respected and accorded all rights as any other worker.

We reiterate the calls that we’ve made numerous times that the rights of domestic workers must be brought through a legal framework and that framework is the Employment Act. The relationship and responsibilities are then clarified as employer and employee and not one of master and slave. All domestic workers no matter the country of origin must have the same standard contract signed between the employer and the domestic worker. The new ILO Convention on Domestic work 2011 has defined the rights and thus can be used as the basis for the development of the contract. Tenaganita together with the Bar Council handed over a memorandum to the government two years ago on the rights of domestic workers and included with it a model standard contract for domestic workers. We have not received a response from the government.

On the 14th of October, Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein lamented the end of the asylum-seeker swap deal by Australia and Malaysia by saying, “People trafficking is one of the hidden horrors of modern life. The arrangement between our governments would have tackled it in a way that protected the interests of Australia, Malaysia and, above all, the migrants involved.” Tenaganita calls on the Home Minister to remove his blinders and look at the horrors faced by domestic workers under his watch, and to put his mouth where his power is to once and for all, seriously address and protect the rights of domestic workers. It is the only way to remove the shame we face not only as a member of ASEAN but also as a global player.



Dr Irene Fernandez
Executive Director
38, Jalan Gasing, 46000, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
Tel: +603 7770 3691 / 7770 3671
Fax: +603 7770 3681
General Enquiries:

Lynas Coperation dan pemegang saham wajib berhenti memperbodohkan Rakyat Kuantan – MP Kuantan

13th October 2011

LYNAS CORPORATION must stop fooling the public of Kuantan as well as their shareholders in Australia. Lynas Corporation must also NOT be allowed to belittle the Malaysian authorities

I read with great concern the report in The Star Online yesterday October 12th by the Director General of AELB Datuk Abdul Aziz Raja Adnan on the long term Radioactive Waste Management Plan of LAMP (Lynas Advanced Material Plant).

He was quoted to have said “We have received the long-term waste management plan from Lynas but we have not analysed it yet. “The plan will not be made public as I do not consider it submitted until we make sure it is in accordance with international standards,”

Lynas Corporation in their Quarterly Report for the period ending 30th June 2011 (published 28th July 2011) however reported that the long term waste management plan of LAMP has been submitted to AELB on the 18th July 2011.

At the same time I have also received report that Malaysia can expect the REO from Mt Weld to arrive in Kuantan by the end of this month. This matter was mentioned by the Kuantan Port Authorities in the monthly HSE- Health Safety and Environment Committee meeting between Kuantan Port Consortium and the Land Occupants of Kuantan Port area, held in Kuantan last week.

While Lynas Corporation is threatening to sue me for defamation for filing a report to the Australian Securities Commission, and behaving as if they have complied to every of the recommendations of IAEA, the Malaysian authorities is saying the opposite.Lynas Corp must not be allowed to bully us Malaysian, neither the citizens, nor the authorities. They have been behaving as if “Ini Negara dia punya”. If Lynas were to build this refinery in Australia, they will have to follow very stringent public consultation procedures as well as they will never get away with operating a refinery in a site such as where LAMP is situated in Gebeng.

I also refer to Raja Aziz’s statement in the Malaysian Insider dated 15th June 2011 that Malaysia adheres to the IAEA standards where 1000 Bq/kg (1 Bq/g) is the limit for the waste to be classified as radioactive or otherwise. Clearly, the IAEA recommendations and PEER Report (29th May-3rd June 2011) which stated that the waste from LAMP is at a radioactivity of 6.2 Bq/g points to the fact that the waste from LAMP is classified as RADIOACTIVE WASTE. However this conclusion regarding the waste being classified as radioactive and the reference to the General Safety Guide No GSG-1 was totally missing and not mentioned in the IAEA report. Neither was there any reference to other IAEA standards on waste safety.

The criteria for site selection and transportation of the radioactive waste if International standards were to be complied with, points to the fact that specifically with LAMP the implications on the environment, residents, livestock, habitation, groundwater, socio economy, will be too great and too hazardous. I can foresee that there is no environment or space anywhere in Kuantan or anywhere in Malaysia for that matter which fulfils the requirement for a SAFE Long Term Waste Management Plan for LAMP.

I call upon Lynas Corp to be responsible, accountable and transparent to the public of Kuantan and the greater public of Malaysia. Please do not continue to mislead the public as well as the authorities of this country.

I assert my point that I will continue to stand by the people’s side. I will continue to fight to what is the right of the people, their choice of not accepting LAMP’s existence in Gebeng. I stand firm to the fact that I will not be bullied by Lynas Corp. Neither do I fear the threats of a defamation suit by them. The public of Kuantan and the people of Malaysia reserve our rights to support projects that contribute towards a sustainable development. Clearly LAMP is not one of those.

Thank You

Fuziah Salleh
MP for Kuantan

RM 84 juta Duit Rakyat Digunakan Untuk Menutup Imej Buruk Najib

Dari Keadilan Daily

Oleh: Nabihah Hamid

Najib bazir RM84 juta untuk tutup skandal Altantuya

KUALA LUMPUR: Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak dikecam apabila menghabiskan RM83.88 juta wang rakyat, hanya semata-mata untuk menaikkan imej kerajaan di luar negara.

Ahli Majlis Pimpinan Pusat KEADILAN, Abdul Rahman Yusof berkata, Najib terpaksa berbuat demikian akibat imejnya yang buruk di peringkat antarabangsa, termasuk kaitannya dalam skandal Scorpene dan pembunuhan kejam warga Mongolia, Altantuya Shaariibu.

“Imej Najib terjejas, jadi terpaksa melonjakkan imejnya semula dan ia bukan saja dalam negara, malah di luar negara.

“Kita tahu Najib dikatakan terlibat dengan banyak skandal seperti Scorpene, dikaitkan dengan pembunuhan Altantuya serta kehakiman yang tidak bebas,” katanya kepada

Skandal Scorpene melibatkan komisen 114 juta Euro yang dibayar kepada Syarikat Perimekar Sdn Bhd yang dikaitkan dengan Abdul Razak Baginda, seorang kenalan rapat kepada Najib Razak.

Kes pembunuhan Altantuya- orang tengah dalam transaksi berkenaan- mendapat liputan meluas media antarabangsa apabila mayatnya diletupkan dengan bom C4 di Puncak Alam, Shah Alam oleh dua pegawai pengiring Najib pada 2006.

Pembelian Scorpene dari syarikat Perancis, DCNS, membabitkan pemberian  komisen itu kini failkan di mahkamah tinggi Perancis.

Mengulas lanjut, Abdul Rahman berkata, tindakan kerajaan membayar FBC Media untuk menaikkan imej, juga dilihat  tidak bertanggungjawab ketika rakyat menderita dengan kenaikan kos sara hidup dan harga barang keperluan.

“Najib tidak bertanggungjawab kerana menggunakan duit rakyat bagi menutup kesilapan, ketidakcekapan dan kepincangan yang berlaku dalam pentadbiran beliau,”

“Rakyat membanting tulang mengisi perut mereka dengan kos hidup yang tinggi tapi terpaksa menanggung beban kerana wang rakyat digunakan hanya untuk  menanggung kos membaikpulih imej Najib,” katanya.

Semalam, dalam jawapan bertulis yang dikemukakan perdana menteri di parlimen memberitahu, kontrak selama setahun kepada FBC Media telah disambung sebanyak dua kali dan ditamatkan pada 2010.

Nilai kontrak sejak 2008 itu pula didedahkan sebanyak Euro 19.6 juta atau bersamaan RM83.88 juta yang boleh digunakan untuk tujuan lebih berfaedah kepada rakyat.

Ahli Parlimen Batu, Tian Chua berkata, perkara paling penting yang perlu ditimbulkan ialah tindakan kerajaan membayar perunding tersebut tanpa pengetahuan rakyat.

“Banyak lagi (perunding) yang terlibat dengan GTP, ETP dan sebagainya.

“Kita ingin tahu apa tujuannya kita bayar untuk perunding ini?,” soalnya lagi yang juga Naib Presiden KEADILAN.

Kerajaan sebelum ini dilapor melantik FBC- Firma penerbitan TV dan Komunikasi Strategik Britain- untuk menerbitkan program TV berkaitan kerajaan Malaysia yang ditayangkan syarikat penyiaran antarabangsa seperti CNBC, CNN dan BBC.

BBC telah menggantung semua program FBC, syarikat produksi berpusat di London itu, kerana pembayaran yang dibuat kerajaan Malaysia menyalahi undang-undang Britain dan etika media.

–Keadilan Daily